Monday, December 19, 2005


Receiving applause

The audience were enthused by our music and we were pleased with our own performance.


Dance of Yao Tribe

We rounded up our programme with music from our root, a popular orchestral work depicting the ethnic dances of a tribe of Chinese people called Yao(瑤族).


We All Grew Up in Hong Kong

We all grew up in Hong Kong. And it's our pride and honour to participate in the world premiere of this work called "We All Grew Up in Hong Kong - A Kaleidoscopic Suite" composed by one of the most prolific composers on harmonica works, Mr. Hui Cheung-wai ... of course from Hong Kong. The kaleidoscopic 11-movement work is enhanced by lighting.


Introducing Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra

The master of ceremony, Rob Janssen, himself the founder of the esteemed Fata Morgana harmonica quartet, introducing the Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra. It is the first time that the harmonica orchestra of Hong Kong performed outside Asia, what a historic moment!

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